JMA Solutions fully integrates a Knowledge Management process with SharePoint system design, development, customization, and deployment of SharePoint sites that improve business productivity and collaboration.

Sharepoint Agile ProcessJMA Support Includes:

  • Governance
  • Dashboard Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Custom SharePoint Site Development
  • SharePoint Security Policy Implementation
  • Content Management
  • Custom Workflow Development
  • Search and Metadata Optimization
  • Template Development
  • Document Management Process Development
  • Integration with Third-Party Applications
  • Help Desk Support

Agile Development

Our team’s approach is based on the Agile Development Model. Our developers continually communicate with stakeholders to propel the application from requirements through development, testing, and deployment.

Interactive Dashboards

Sharepoint DashboardWe work with our clients to establish the right performance measures and design and develop interactive program dashboards that feature intuitive display of key performance indicators. For example, indicators are typically green for measures that are on track, yellow for those in danger of not meeting objectives, and red for those that are falling short.

We build custom data extraction routines to update dashboard indicators from operational systems.

We conduct data analysis and data mining to identify, quantify, and explain trends, and utilize charting routines to display trends visually on our dashboards.

Tableau Support Services

JMA uses Tableau to provide custom data analytics solutions, integrated with SharePoint, Oracle SQL and Cloud databases. Tableau allows us to combine multiple data sources and deliver live data visualizations including geographic and image mapping capabilities. We provide data preparation, ad hoc data analysis, trend analysis, and performance tracking.

Review or download our Tableau Capabilties. (Adobe pdf format)

Review or download our SharePoint Capabilities. (Adobe pdf format)