Radar dome imageJMA supports acquisition, installation, implementation and deployment of equipment and systems for long-range radar and air-to-ground radio systems throughout the continental U.S., the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. We:

  • Conduct engineering studies for optimization of hardware and software,
  • Support the development and issuance of national technical directives and maintenance guidance,
  • Conduct site surveys to establish technical refresh specifications of equipment and capabilities of long range radar and air-to-ground communications facilities,
  • Support procurement, system engineering, configuration management, equipment testing and restoration,
  • Provide documentation, technical drafting, administrative and financial management support, and;
  • Provide onsite and offsite field support for more than 120 long range radar sites as well as air-to-ground radio assets.


Success Story:

The FAA ATO Common Air Route Surveillance Radar (CARSR) Team was presented with an award for their diligence, smart planning and execution to extend the FAA's primary en route radar life cycle over the next 20 years. We supported the FAA by providing:

  • System design & development (using 3D CAD software)
  • Equipment removal & install
  • Site acceptance testing
  • Joint acceptance testing
  • Remote monitoring equipment setup
  • Site technician training for new Azimuth system operations